My life changed because of Young Women’s Trust

By Aleesah • 12 June 2019

Aleesah tells us about her coaching journey. How she found confidence with the service that fitted around her.

Before the Work It Out coaching, I was unemployed, depressed and felt as if I had no one. I had absolutely zero self-esteem and hated myself so much. I felt worthless and a waste of space. I wanted to do something with my life and I had no idea where to start. I was anxious that I wouldn’t have a good future and I’d end up jobless my entire life. Work It Out has helped me with literally all of those things.

My coach was Carole. She was so lovely and very supportive. We did a lot of helpful exercises to boost my confidence and discover new coping strategies. She was so kind and it felt like I was talking to an aunty or a friend, which made me feel comfortable. Carole is very approachable, which is so nice because I feel like I can ask her anything when it comes to personal advice to career advice and confidence boosting.

Ever since I’ve had the Work It Out coaching, I’ve never felt better about myself. My coach really helped me find the positive things in life. She made me realise how strong I actually am. She inspired me to get a job to help others. I have realised that I’m not worthless at all, I am not a waste of space. I have so much potential to do a lot with my life. My coach has helped me notice all the good things about me. I got to know myself a lot better. I haven’t been this happy and confident ever in my life. Although it sounds very over the top, it’s very true! The Work It Out program has helped me so much, and I honestly can’t thank the Young Women’s Trust enough!

I originally found Young Women’s Trust on Instagram. I was going through a really tough time as I mentioned earlier. It was all such a quick process. I just put my name, number and email, and just within a couple of days I got a WhatsApp message from my coach! My coach and I then discussed what day and time would be suitable for us both so we can have a chat on the phone. This was really good because I knew I didn’t have to get out of bed or get dressed or anything… SO CONVENIENT!!! When it was the day and time of the appointment, my coach called me and we discussed everything. She got to know me and what I was struggling with so we could think of an action plan! After that appointment she would ask me when I am available for the next appointment. It’s so lovely knowing that you can get an appointment in your own time instead of having to wait and put things on hold for a given appointment.

Work It Out has absolutely changed my life. I know it sounds crazy, but the Young Women’s Trust has absolutely changed my life, and I honestly cannot thank them enough. They have changed the way I see myself. I finally see myself in a positive light instead of hating on myself all the time. They have given me so many opportunities to boost my confidence and make me feel good about myself, as well as giving me opportunities to have a good future. Thank you so much.

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