I want to help give women fair and equal work

By Louise, Wates • 27 June 2022

Louise challenged herself to take part in a very cold relay swim from Jersey to France with her colleagues from Wates this summer. In her blog, she tells us why it is so important for her to raise money for Young Women’s Trust.

In May 2022, I stood at the foot of the new Commonwealth Games Competition Pool. I was about to undertake an Assessment Swim to qualify for a Jersey to France Channel Relay Swim, something I certainly did not envisage at the beginning of the year. That said, it’s a journey and challenge I’m glad I took on, and thankfully was selected to take part in!

At the start of the year, it was announced that Wates were undertaking a Jersey to France Channel Relay Swim from 7 to 12 July. Being such a rare and challenging opportunity, this definitely caught my eye. But a key driver for me was that this event is to support Young Women’s Trust, which is just such an amazing charity.

There’s no doubt the swim will be a challenge…but supporting Young Women’s Trust will be a huge motivation.

Young Women’s Trust work towards unlocking women’s potential, smashing career stereotypes and building equal workplaces which I strongly advocate. Working in the construction sector, we also have the desire and potential to follow these goals to give women fair and equal work, which in turn will strengthen our business through bringing their talent on board.

There’s no doubt the swim will be a mental and physical challenge, especially with the anticipated 16 degree water temperature. But for myself and on behalf of my colleagues I can say that raising money for and supporting Young Women’s Trust will be a huge motivation. It will be the push to keep going when the shivers from our stint in the cold water start to hit!

Fundraising aside, hopefully this event will raise awareness for Young Women’s Trust even further so that they can continue the fantastic work and support that they offer.

It will be a real reward and pleasure to swim my leg of the relay in support of Young Women’s Trust, especially with such a fantastic team.

Support Louise with her very cold swimming challenge over on the Wates fundraising page.