I had my own cheerleader at the end of the phone

By Lucy • 31 March 2022

Lucy shares how Work It Out coaching and CV feedback helped her reframe setbacks as opportunities, to change direction and try new things. She tells us how she changed her habits before job interviews, grew in confidence and is now able to support others through her job.

In 2018, I was made redundant from my role, I had lost a lot of confidence for various reasons and I felt extremely lost. One day, I saw an advert on Facebook for Young Women’s Trust and that they offered coaching and CV support so I decided to apply.

I was referred for coaching with Charlotte, whom I had sessions with over the phone. When I signed up I was also applying for jobs, so I opted to get feedback on my CV. The changes I made after this feedback were critical in making my CV stand out.

My experience was so positive – from first contacting the charity, I felt valued and supported right through to the end.

Making new habits

My coach, Charlotte, really opened my mind and suggested roles that I had not thought of previously. Before I had coaching, I had 20 unsuccessful interviews and I felt so down. Charlotte kept me positive and helped me look at the rejections differently. The key highlight of the coaching was that Charlotte taught me about certain habits that were preventing me from being the best I could be in an interview. For example, I was panic reading and cramming information about the company and job description before interviews.  She highlighted that this was causing me more anxiety and suggested that I tried to do things to help me to relax more, such as stopping to have a coffee.

Charlotte tailored the support to what I needed and I felt like I had my own cheerleader on the other end of the phone.

Reframing rejection

My dream since graduation was to work in the charity sector and I had set my sights on one particular charity, but in the past I had lacked the experience I needed to apply for the role I wanted.

I managed to get 2 interviews with my dream charity, however I was not successful in being offered a job. I was left feeling very depressed and felt like my dream was shattered. Charlotte helped me see that I could look at other services that were not charities but ones which did similar work. She made me see that the rejection was redirection. Now I live by that motto in my own work and pass those words of wisdom on to my own clients.

Supporting others

I am now an Engagement Officer for an employability service supporting people who are over 18 into skills training and work. I work with communities, job centres and other employment services and I am now in a place where I can support and coach others.  I also run my own jewellery and giftware business called Luella’s Treasures as a way to unleash my creativity and use my design skills.

I would 100% recommend the Work It Out coaching and CV feedback services to young women everywhere. The coaches and the organisation treat each person individually, so you really feel part of a community that helps and supports each other. Coaching, reframing, CV and application feedback meant that I was able to become the person I am today. I owe Young Women’s Trust so much for their guidance and support in opening my eyes to opportunities and helping me to truly believe in myself.

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