How YWT Helped Me See My Own Potential

By Robyn • 5 April 2019

Robyn shares with us how coaching helped her clear the way for optimism and new ideas. 

I first heard about the Work It Out coaching through an Instagram ad that came to me at the exact right moment in my life. Keen to get back on my feet after a massively difficult year, I jumped at the chance to be coached by somebody who knew what they were talking about. I had been in a rut since a very dark period in my life and had nothing more than vague desires and the occasional motivation but no idea how to channel it.

It sounded too good to be true

Coaching to help me make a plan and regain some of my lost confidence? It sounded too good to be true if I’m completely honest. I let myself get hung up on the pessimism and small worries. “But I’m too nervous to speak on the phone! What if they’re not accepting of me being a trans woman? I’m sure there’s somebody who needs this more than me, I don’t want to take up space. I’m beyond help anyway…” All these concerns were just a reflection of the place my head was in. I had very little belief in myself and absolutely no problem telling myself “you don’t deserve help or good things”. Fed up of caving into these thoughts, I knew I had to seek help and the Young Women’s Trust were there right when I needed them.

Within days of applying for the Work It Out programme, I had my very first phone meeting scheduled with my mentor, Rachel. The second we began speaking, the floodgates opened. I talked and talked and explained every aspect of the anxiety, panic, non-existent self-esteem and concentration issues that had been plaguing me and putting a stop to my personal development. Rachel listened to every word and in a moment I can honestly say changed my life for the better, she listed logical and emotional counterpoint after counterpoint to all my self-doubt.

Within one call I had been given so much attention and concern that my mind was already clearing, paving the way for optimism and new ideas. Over the course of a few more talks, so much of the displeasure I’d held in me the past year was released, listened to intently but then gently deconstructed in a way that I really needed to move forward.

In that call and each one since, Rachel has been just the kind of mentor I wish all of us could have- friendly, encouraging, illuminating and never at a loss for words and ideas. Even the questions I’ve been asked to explore by her have really helped me gain a new perspective on my own goals, ambitions and abilities.

Becoming a Work It Out Ambassador

When the opportunity presented itself, I was more than happy to become a Work It Out Ambassador. Who wouldn’t want to spread the word to other young women about a service that had been so huge for them personally? Today I feel far more focused and goal-oriented than ever. I have a clear vision for the future and thanks to Rachel, Work It Out and the Young Women’s Trust I have never been more determined to go out and accomplish my dreams. After all, doesn’t everybody deserve to feel like that about their dreams?

To anybody considering Work It Out but maybe struggling with finally going for it, I would highly recommend taking that step. To do so would be to say a huge resounding YES to all those personal questions that can plague us like “Am I worth it? Is that even possible? Can I do this?” Say yes to Work it Out and say yes to a more positive you.

UPDATE – In the weeks since I’ve written this out, I’ve made major strides that I don’t even know how I’ve managed. I’m currently three weeks into a job I’m enjoying but never would have thought I’m qualified for. This past weekend I put myself out there and volunteered for a local LGBT film festival called CineQ and I couldn’t have enjoyed it more. In addition, I’ve been taken on by a charity very close to my heart, the Albert Kennedy Trust as an ambassador.

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