How Work It Out Coaching helped me land my dream job

By Megan • 3 October 2023

Megan, a young woman who used our Work It Out coaching service, shares how her life has changed since her coach encouraged her to pursue her dream job as a writer.

My dream job

I have always known that I am a writer at heart. Ever since I learned that the words on the pages of the books I adored had been written by a person, I knew that I wanted to be one of those people. I wrote stories, songs, poems, ideas, fanfiction and essays, I couldn’t be stopped.

I studied writing at university in a bid to take this part of my life more seriously. The world diverted me, however and I ended up working and living in China, then getting stuck there during the pandemic and for years after, while the rest of the world returned to their “new normal”.

I became depressed and had a minor mental breakdown. I became a paranoid and bitter version of my former self, devoid of the creativity I once had.

How I discovered Young Women’s Trust

On returning to the UK, I struggled to find work of any kind and this sent my depression and anxiety into a horrific spiral. I doom scrolled social media and kept seeing Young Women’s Trust being recommended to me. On a whim, I clicked on the link, and my life changed.

I signed up for Work It Out coaching, and that’s how I met Diane. She is the woman who changed my life. In our first session we noticed my trauma and associations with being trapped that were preventing me from moving forward. We discovered that I felt I was neglecting my writing and wanted to rediscover it, so I began writing again that very night.

Diane helped me to have at least one revelation in every coaching session we had. She helped me to realise I wasn’t being kind to myself. She flagged my mental health to me as something to be taken more seriously, and as a result I got the treatment I needed. Diane took my hand and lead me through the pathways of my mind that I had blocked off from myself. She helped me to ignite the torches and find my way through the darkness.

My dream job came true

After my experience with Diane, I found myself closer to my inner child than I had been in years. I was writing every day and developed the confidence to submit my writing to publishers. I got a job with an editor title and began working with language daily, as I’d dreamed of doing for over a decade.

I became a professional writer, receiving my first payments for having my words in print. I became a confident writer, knowing that there is value in my craft and my skill with it. I am a writer, and I feel that I can finally say that without shame or guilt, and I can say it honestly.

I will always be grateful to Diane for her guidance and how she helped me to learn so much more about myself. Without her, I could have lost my writing and my purpose altogether. I implore women who feel they are stuck in any way shape or form to sign up for Young Women’s Trust’s Work It Out coaching service. It changed my life, and I wholeheartedly believe in its power to change others’.

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