How to write a personal profile for your CV

By Erica, Young Women's Trust • 15 August 2022

Your CV should include a short profile about you. It’s your opportunity to introduce yourself and explain why you are a good fit for the job. But how do you write it?

In this blog, Erica from our Work It Out CV feedback team explains how. 

A personal profile on your CV is a chance to talk about you and why you are a good fit for this job. It is an easy way to make sure you have tailored your CV for the job you are applying for.

What to include in your profile

You should include:

  • The name for the kind of job you do
  • Your best skills
  • Your best experience
  • The name of the sort of work you are looking for

Top tips for writing a profile

  • Keep it short! 2 to 4 sentences is perfect
  • Use the job description to help you decide what to include
  • Show that you are interested in this kind of job (for example, sales, marketing, childcare, finance, administration)
  • Change your profile every time you apply for a new job

Things to avoid in your profile

  • Very long sentences
  • Mistakes or typos
  • Buzz words
  • Writing about things that are not in the job description
  • Talking about why you want this job, not why they should want you!

3 examples of CV profiles

These examples show you what your profile might look like. You will notice that some of the examples use ‘I’ and some don’t. It is OK to use ‘I’ or not use it, just do the same thing through the whole profile.

Example 1

I am a hardworking customer service professional with 2 years’ experience in busy hospitality roles. I have excellent communication and organisation skills, work well with different people and can process bookings and payments efficiently by email and telephone. I am keen to use my people skills and love of fashion to deliver the best possible customer experience in a new full-time retail role.

Example 2

Friendly, reliable education professional with 12 months’ agency experience in schools and nurseries. Excellent knowledge of safeguarding, health and safety and national curriculum standards. Holder of a Level 3 NVQ in Child Development and a current DBS. Seeking a permanent Teaching Assistant role to help deliver excellent standards of learning and achievement in a large, diverse primary school community.

Example 3

I am a capable, enthusiastic receptionist with a good eye for detail and four years’ experience in busy teams in the NHS and local government. I am skilled in providing a warm welcome to all kinds of visitors and always make sure I provide a quick, efficient and friendly service via telephone, email or in person. I am looking for senior reception and administration roles in large multinational companies.

There you go! Now you are ready to start writing a profile for your CV.

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