How the CV Feedback service helped me 

By Timah, Gina, Elena , Nazrin • 15 July 2021

We spoke to 4 of our  Work It Out Ambassadors, Timah, Elena, Gina and Nazrin, to ask them about their experience of our free CV feedback service for women aged 18 to 30. In this blog they share how it helped them find confidence and secure work.  


The CV feedback service has been amazing for my job search. Within a month of using it I had 3 interview requests, previously I had only had 3 interviews in a year. 

I was not sure what to expect, but I received very detailed feedback on my CV that really transformed it. It helped to make it more streamlined, corrected grammar errors, and offered guidance on how to make the content concise.  


I am glad I took advantage of getting feedback from professionals. It has opened doors in my job search in a way that I had not expected.  

I have used CV feedback services before, but none have been as great as Work It Out. With other services I found that the feedback was brief and undetailed, as it was normally a computer scanning your CV.  

It makes such a difference when a person gives you feedback. My feedback was detailed and thorough, giving me suggestions and corrections. I am so grateful for this service, I managed to get a new job after using it and have recommended it to many of my friends.  


After struggling to find a job I was concerned my CV was the problemReceiving such comprehensive, constructive and positive feedback gave me the clarity I needed to work out why I was struggling to get to interviews.  

Receiving the support from the service has taken away the doubt and pressure I felt about my CV and I now feel much more confident discussing it with a prospective employer.   


Work It Out CV feedback service gave me the opportunity to receive top tips which proved fundamental in allowing me to secure an interview and ultimately being offered a new role.  

The key tips I learned were   

  • A summary of your key achievements will grab the reader’s attention 
  • Highlighting results will show your achievements 
  • Tailor your CV to the job description you are applying for 
  • Use action words to begin each bullet point 

If you are a young woman aged 18 to 30 and living in England or Wales, you can get free CV and job application feedback from our Work It Out service