How career coaching helped me through unemployment

By Lydia • 27 February 2024

I’m Lydia, a 22-year-old graduate who is currently between jobs. After graduating, I began a research internship within the charity sector. But landing a job afterwards has been quite the challenge. Despite sending out lots of applications, the rejections kept coming. I felt defeated, like I was falling at the final hurdle.

What I expected from Work It Out coaching

Before my first coaching session, I didn’t know what to expect. I thought it’d be more of a lecture-style session. But it was so personalised and catered to what I wanted to discuss. I enjoyed the conversations I had with my coach, Samuel. They helped me reframe my doubts into actionable steps that I could apply to my job search. We discussed networking, finding opportunities, decision making, building positive relationships and boosting confidence. Even though I wasn’t working, Samuel emphasised the importance of finding the ‘right’ opportunity. that aligned with my values and long-term carer goals.

How Work It Out helped me

I was feeling low as an unemployed graduate. But one stand out coaching session helped me reach a turning point. After talking through my feelings with Samuel, my outlook around looking for work and unemployment shifted. I reflected on our conversation, and gradually let go of the weight of those words and the judgements attached to being unemployed.

I began practising positive self-talk, which I still do today. My coach enabled me to feel heard, support and validated my feelings. This was essential in supporting my success during and after the coaching sessions.

I also used the CV feedback service. The feedback helped me spot errors and improve the overall presentation of my CV. I received useful tips on how to make my CV stand out in a competitive market. The advice was positive and encouraging.

My life now

I ended up receiving two job offers. And I’m now pleased to be starting a new job in a few weeks. I’m feeling more confident and prepared to face the world of work. I’m now in a positive mindset for the future. I’m sure they’ll be challenges ahead but I feel prepared.

Before I started the sessions, I felt apprehensive. But Samuel eased any anxieties I had.

I’d highly recommend Work it Out to others looking for work. You may feel hesitant to sign up to the sessions and I know it’s daunting, but the support you’ll get will be life changing.

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