Holly’s experience at Young Women’s Trust and Estee Lauder Companies’ Insight Day

Holly was a peer researcher at Young Women’s Trust and currently works at the Natural History Museum. In Juneshe attended a social media insight day with other young women and creative professionals at Estee Lauder Companies to learn more about how to create social media content effectively. 

Before attending the day, I was really looking forward to meeting people from both Young Women’s Trust and Estee Lauder Companies (ELC). I also wanted to learn more about the things to consider when marketing a brand, in particular. 

The day started with an icebreaker where we each expressed how we felt about the topic of content creation and social media. We then heard a speech from K.M. Zouhary, who is the Vice President of Leadership Initiatives at Estee Lauder Companies. She explained her career journey and how she got to where she is today. Her talk was really inspirational and showed us all how integral women are in the beauty industry. 

A rewarding day 

Next, we were put into teams with an Estee Lauder Companies’ staff member who could share expert advice throughout the day. We then started to brainstorm what content we would like to create for Young Women’s Trust’s social media channels. 

After lunch, we had a Q&A session with the Young Women’s Trust and ELC teams. We got to ask questions about the staff members’ careers so far, including what it was like working in the different sectors and how we could get our foot in the door. We then started to create the content we had planned out earlier in the day. To round it all off, we came back together as a big group and shared our work with each other. 

Overall, the day was really rewarding and I learned so much. I was able to learn new skills in marketing and content creation. It also gave me increased confidence in my own work and ability. 

Estee Lauder Companies x Young Women’s Trust 

Estee Lauder is the leading supporter of Young Women’s Trust’s Work It Out service. When I was made redundant due to COVID this service was vital to me; it helped me to improve my CV and job applications. The coaching kept me motivated and helped me to set goals for the future. 

Without this support from organisations like ELC, this work would not be possible. For any other companies that are thinking of supporting Young Women’s Trust, I would encourage them to get in contact with the team. Everyone in the organisation is amazing and the work they do is even more so. Any support you can give would be greatly appreciated. 

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