From no confidence or career path to Working It Out

By Natasha • 26 April 2019

This week on the blog Natasha shares how her coaching journey helped her to see things in a different way. 

I saw an ad for Work it Out pop up on Facebook so I clicked on the link and thought I’d check it out. I was very open to new opportunities and seeing what could be and when I read up about it I thought it sounded great.

I have spent the last few years wanting to leave my industry but never having the courage or knowledge of where I wanted to go next. One day I just had enough and quit my management job. I felt better for it but knew there was something missing. Most people that know me would not say that I lack confidence because I am very extroverted but deep down I had self-esteem issues and needed some guidance on what I could do next.

Seeing things in a different way

My coach Carole is amazing. She is so encouraging, positive and understanding. We had a lot of laughs all the while focusing on the seriousness of how negative I was feeling. She is amazing at getting you to see things in a different way- she will guide you but she won’t give you the answer. She has experienced similar situations and feelings to my own which made it so easy to talk to her as she could empathise.

I always came off of the phone feeling excited, driven and motivated to go and try my next steps. Carole would talk me through tasks we’d set from the last session and where I was with them. We would discuss what went well (or didn’t) and she would help me see things more clearly or in a positive light. Sometimes I’d feel negative and feel like I’d failed my task and she would remind me of the progress made and that tiny steps still have a huge impact down the line. We would then set tasks for the following sessions and discuss dates for the next one. She once gave me a personality task to fill in and we’d discuss the outcome of that and worked on different ways in which I could fit those qualities into my next job/career path and the impact I feel it would have on others. Carole would often send me links to sites she feels would be of use to me and I felt I could contact her if I ever needed to outside of our sessions for support. I always felt supported every step of the way.

It is okay to not know what is coming next

Coaching has really helped me decide on which path I would like to take. It has also given me the confidence to realise my own abilities and that I am and can do so much more than I thought I could. I never used to believe in coaching but this journey has taught me that anyone can benefit from a little guidance every now and again and that it is ok to not know what is coming next.

I am currently still in the industry I wish to get out of but on a freelance basis while I figure out my next steps and work towards a career in the non-profit sector. I am also thinking about going back to study at uni to help my new career path.

My confidence has grown since session 1, I started as rating myself as a 1 (the lowest) I would now say that I am most definitely at least a 7/8. I am still not where I want to be but I know that with the guidance I’ve had and the knowledge I now have that I will get there. It’s a journey that takes time but I now have to tools to work it out!

I would highly recommend Work It Out to anyone that feels like they are on a journey of discovery, whether it confidence, career, self-esteem, self-talk, studies, change of path or whatever you need then this is the place for you. Start your journey and surprise yourself!

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