Coaching helped me feel empowered

By Danielle • 2 November 2020

In this blog, Danielle shares with us her experience of using the Work It Out coaching service. She tells us how her coach Janine, helped her find the confidence that led to her getting 3 job offers.

Life before coaching

Before I signed up to coaching my life was mundane and miserable! I was in a job I loved but couldn’t progress and wasn’t able to provide me the support I needed. I was really depressed, therapy hadn’t helped and I couldn’t figure out why.

I felt like I had tried everything else, I needed to just know I could get out my job and go into something that would give me something different.

I had applied for jobs but never got past interviews. I kept blaming myself and it was a horrible circle to be in.

Finding Young Women’s Trust and Work It Out

My friend saw Work it Out on a Facebook group and shared it with me.

I saw that it was directed to people like me and that it was an actual person you could speak to about why interviews weren’t successful. Just having someone to speak to that wasn’t a family member or friend but someone completely removed was appealing.

I wanted someone who would hear what I was saying and not give me any special get out because of my disability, I was just a person.

We talked about how my disability always felt like a negative because all other advice previous to my Work It Out coach was, “don’t be nervous, give eye contact, read between the lines and know your gut”.

I couldn’t do any of that, but instead of it being difficult, my coach shared strategies and tips on how I could use my disability as a positive.

Listening to her tell me the strengths of my disabilities was really empowering and something I have been able to take into my new job.

The difference support can make

The support I received through Work It Out has made a massive difference. I learned how to talk and tell a story which gave me unbelievable strength in interviews. I also learnt how to pace myself and how to relax.

Before using the service and speaking to the coach, interviews were something I always felt sick about. I could never sleep the night before. But after speaking to my coach Janine, I could go to sleep knowing

  • I had answers prepped
  • The route to the interview
  • Access to the building
  • I had all my documents
  • My interview outfit picked out

My disability was stopping me from being confident. My coach helped me to talk about what would happen in the interview and even reminded me that the interviewer isn’t some special lifeform, that they are just human. I knew me better than they did and I knew I was right for all the jobs I got interviews for, which whilst coaching with Janine, increased by about 60%.

Being able to see myself as a person and not as a disabled employee has been really empowering. Janine never once made it an issue and focused on what they can offer me, which stopped me from panicking about what I could offer them.

I actually was offered three jobs! Before I found Work It Out I had been applying for jobs for two years. Now I get to pick which job I want and through coaching with Janine I know whatever decision I make I will be great at my job.

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