Reclaiming young women’s voices in politics

By Annika • 18 June 2024

Annika talks about the challenges young women face in politics and society.

Feeling left out of politics?

I used to feel on the edge of politics. I never understood anything and felt I wasn’t educated enough to make decisions. Do you feel like that too?

The marginalisation of young women

Young women have been pushed aside in many parts of society, not just in politics. Acceptance and inclusion feel as rare as a unicorn. We’re often taken for granted, expected to be perfect, and dismissed quickly. This leads to feeling like we’re not good enough, having low self-esteem, and losing confidence. When we speak up, we’re called “harsh”; when we try to fit in, we’re called “overthinkers.”

The reality of gender equality

Despite what some people say, true gender equality is still far off. Companies and politicians often talk about “gender equality” just to look good. Some countries have many women in their parliaments, but we’re not there yet. Decision-makers should see the world through our eyes, not just talk about us.

Expecting better

We should expect better, know our worth, and stand up for what we want. Young women often don’t vote much, and this trend is getting worse. Imposter syndrome makes us think “We don’t know enough about politics.” But living as a young woman in this world teaches us more than books ever could. If you’d tell your future daughter she is smart and her voice matters, why not believe that about yourself?

Trusting your instincts and taking action

Do you really think Steve knows more about the world than you do just because he knows a few fancy political words? We need more young women to trust their instincts, practice self-care, and figure out what we really want. The beautiful thing about voting is that no one can take it away from you. It’s your private chance to express yourself without any pressure. You don’t need to be certain; what’s most rewarding is standing confidently, even if you’re unsure.

Seize the moment this General Election

This general election is a critical moment for us to be heard. Together, let’s show the country that we matter too.


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