5 Reasons Why You Should Use Work It Out

By Jade • 18 January 2019

Jade shares 5 reasons why you should use our Work It Out service. 

The first step is the first challenge

My first challenge was admitting I needed help. Filling in the online application form was a real step in the right direction to a new future, that I actually wanted. The online application was easy to complete and made me feel worthy of another’s time and assistance.


Life can get real crazy real quickly. I found it really amazing to have an impartial supporter on my side. Able to really listen to what I was saying and help me to realise what I genuinely wanted in life.

It’s what YOU need

I found having someone to speak to a real benefit. Sessions have been spread over months and covered loads of topics from employment opportunities to coping strategies for life and dealing with difficult situations and choices. The only agenda is yours.


Writing a CV and formatting in a way that the job market actually wants, whilst selling yourself successful is a massive skill in itself. Fortunately there are dedicated people able to help you through this process. After my job ended, I was feeling low about myself too. This also meant that I wasn’t able to put together my CV successfully. With the CV feedback guidance provided, I was able to put together a new CV.

It works!

I’ve recommended Work It Out to loads of my friends as it’s helped me grow and discover myself so much, that I want this experience and opportunity for my friends too.

If you’re a young woman aged 18 to 30 and living in Enlgand or Wales you can access our Work It Out service today. 

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