Fundraising ideas and resources

Fundraising packThere are LOADS of ideas, tips and resources in your fundraising pack. Here's a sample to get you started... 

Host a Gender Pay Gap Bake sale

On average, women earn 18% less than men. So at this bake sale, suggest that women pay 18% less. If a cake costs £1, men can donate the full price, and women can donate 82p.

Start a FAB Club

Start a female authors book club (or FAB club for short!). Pick a book by a female author every month. Then ask members to make a donation every time you meet or pay a joining fee. 

Feminist Film Nights

Host a film night—or even a regular club—in return for donations. Pick a great film featuring interesting female characters.

Make some noise with Noisy Women Karaoke

Belt out some powerful tunes in support of young women's rights! Too many young women don't have a voice in society. Use yours to help them speak up!

Smash the Stereotypes

Women host bake sales, men do charity football tournaments—right? Wrong! From a male-hosted knit-a-thon to a women-only X-Box marathon, this is your chance to challenge damaging stereotypes and raise money doing it.

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