Making Apprenticeships Work for Young Women

Why apprenticeships?

Young Women’s Trust wants to see an apprenticeship system that offers young women the best opportunities and makes the most of their talents.

women apprenticesApprenticeships are an important route to skills development and work for young people. However, evidence shows that they are not working as well for young women as they are for young men.

Our reports

women apprentices

Our first report looks at how young women continue to miss out on the many benefits apprenticeships have to offer. It is based on original research through focus groups with young women and polling of 1,269 young people to understand their experiences of apprenticeships.

Young women from 
Young Women’s Trust’s apprenticeship working group were then brought together with employers, government officials, think tanks and charities to discuss the challenges and prioritise actions forming the basis for the recommendations.

Our most recent report, Making Apprenticeships Work for Young Women: A Good Practice Guide, provides ten tips to help employers and the government make apprenticeships more accessible.

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Download 'Making Apprenticeships Work for Young Women' here

Download 'Making Apprenticeships Work for Young Women: A Good Practice Guide' here

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