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Donate today to help a young woman in financial crisis get through the next few weeks.

Young women are already economically vulnerable. And right now, the impact of the coronavirus crisis on work and earnings is making it even harder for many to pay for electricity or to feed their children.

We want to provide immediate relief to help these young women cope. 

Donate to our Emergency Fund today >> 

A donation from you today will provide a young woman with a few essentials such as food, and money towards her bills. More than that, it will let her know that we are all looking out for her, and that she has somewhere to turn.  

I am now faced with empty supermarket shelves and can’t buy the food I need for me and my son and have had to turn to food banks for help. I am worried about being forced to make a choice between paying rent and buying food."
- Kira 

Donate to our Emergency Fund today >> 

How the fund will work 

We are reallocating some of our resources, something we must do to meet the urgent needs of young women. But the need for help will be far greater than the resources we have available, which is why we need your support.

We are working in partnership with other charities to get the funds to young women who need it the most.

Young women referred to us through our partner charities will receive £150 to pay for food and help with other essentials such as utility and rent bills in the next few weeks. 

Read about the Emergency Fund criteria >> 

Lauren and Pippa