No young woman left behind.

Young women were left behind before this crisis. They were more likely to be working in low paid and undervalued jobs. They were providing more than their fair share of unpaid care looking after children, family and friends.  

Now, young women are economically among the worst affected by the fallout from coronavirus and they are worried about what the future holds.  


Join the official record of people who believe that no young woman should be left behind by the coronavirus crisis.  

We’re calling on the government to support and value young women through the coronavirus crisis by following our five point plan.   

  1. Make sure no young women face financial hardship due to the crisis
  2. Value young women's unpaid work
  3. Protect young women at work 
  4. Focus on the most vulnerable young women
  5. Put young women's experiences at the heart of the recovery 

Will you add your name to the growing list of supporters who are pledging #NoYoungWomanLeftBehind? 

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Ignored, Undervalued and Underpaid: The Report 

We have surveyed almost 200 young women, to hear what impact coronavirus has had on their work, finances and wellbeing. Read our report to hear directly from young women how the coronavirus is affecting them. 

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