Young Women and Apprenticeships

Young Women & Apprenticeships: Still Not Working?

This report highlights the extent to which the system continues to let down young women and calls for urgent change to put equality and opportunity at the heart of the apprenticeship programme.

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Young Women and Apprenticeships cover

This report marks the midway point in the Government’s apprenticeship target and has found that two in five apprentices spend more money completing their apprenticeship than they earn – and women face an eight per cent gender pay gap. 01 gender pay gap

We're calling for urgent action to make apprenticeships work for women. Our recommendations include: 

  1. Significantly increasing the apprentice minimum wage, so more people can afford to undertake apprenticeships
  2. Providing bursaries to support young people to train in key sectors.
  3. Working with local authorities to ensure apprentices are able to access childcare support even when working part-time, including ensuring local provision is adequately funded and available.
  4. Extending Care to Learn eligibility to apprentices and increasing the upper age limit to 25.
  5. Providing more apprenticeships on a flexible and part-time basis to help people balance family and work.