Tayah's Story

tayahAt 18, while I was still studying, I fell pregnant and my life fell apart. Becoming a teen mum didn’t come easy and the judgement, dirty looks and scrutiny from people didn’t go unnoticed. I suffered with severe depression and I didn’t get any help because I was trying to hide it from my family and my daughter. When my mum also started to suffer from mental health issues, I stepped up to care for her and my three siblings whilst also caring for myself and my baby at just 20 years old.  

Through my struggles, my drive from within always remained. I was determined to achieve whatever I set my mind to, which is why I was able to lose 5 stone, beat my depression and sign up to the Young Women’s Trust coaching service.   

When I spoke to my coach, she helped me understand that I was a pillar of strength for my family and my daughter. My coach kept me motivated and helped me prepare for job interviews too. I am now in the process of pursuing a role as a volunteer special constable until I can become a full time police officer, my dream job.  My hopes for the future are to have complete confidence in my abilities while also being an inspiration to my daughter, showing her she too can strive to be a strong independent woman against all odds.   

Winning the award is a huge confidence boost for me. I shared my story including the most difficult times in my life and I have been recognised and awarded for my strengths. The award is something that I will always be proud of and will motivate me to believe in myself because I CAN do it!