Tara's Story

taraI grew up on council estates in London and was made homeless three times, I didn’t go to university as a teenager, instead I worked full time in a Mexican food truck and taught myself my A-Levels. I’ve gotten to where I am through perseverance.   

I’m now doing my Law degree part time as a mature student, on top of my full time job in Parliament where I lead on policy, political advice, digital, and more. I have also worked for the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, on his election and I attended the World Youth Forum in Egypt as a young leader to exchange views and recommend initiatives to decision-makers. I also taught myself Spanish and I am learning Portuguese and programming.   

I don’t just trailblaze for myself, I do everything I can to share my skills, experiences and networks with other young women from similar backgrounds: I have volunteered abroad with the charity Progressio, I help people from disadvantaged backgrounds set up their own portfolio websites and I am a trustee for the human rights charity Peace Brigades International UK. This is only the beginning of my trailblazing - and I plan on taking all the women I can with me on my journey.  

I feel honoured to have won the Award, and I'm proud that using the Young Women's Trust coaching service helped me get where I am too. I hope this encourages more young women to be bold and trailblaze their way to achieving their own goals.