Georgie's Story

georgieI chose to apply for an apprenticeship after I left school because I wanted to be financially independent. I looked into law because I thought it would be a good balance of the A-Levels I studied and I came across the legal apprenticeship at the BBC.  

When I first started I was still living with my family, partly because it’s so expensive to rent especially on an apprenticeship wage, so I commuted 2 ½ hours each way. I applied to join the ‘Next Generation Committee’ at the BBC which gave me the opportunity to make a presentation to the Director General about what it’s like to work for the BBC as a young person, and during which I mentioned how hard it was to manage on the apprenticeship wage. He took up the issue immediately and within a couple of months all the apprentices at the BBC received a 14% pay rise.  

I began at the BBC as a Level 3 Paralegal apprentice and I am just about to start my Level 7 Solicitor apprenticeship which will mean I will be a fully qualified solicitor by 2025. It’s genuinely not an overstatement to say that this apprenticeship has altered the trajectory of my life. I have learnt so much and being at work has given me a sense of stability, safety and value.  

I’m honoured, and very touched to win this Award. I don’t think many people would say I lack confidence, but it’s so easy to be self-critical: I think it’s something a lot of people do, especially women.  This Award is a tangible reminder of what I’ve achieved over the past few years - something I can look at and think “yep, it’s all going to be ok”