Young Women's Trust Strategy 2017-2020

Why we are needed

Our work is needed because over one million young women face a lifetime of financial, social and emotional disadvantage as they don’t have a job or are in low paid, insecure work. 

Advisory Panel 2017

Our values and how we work 

We work in three main ways, and want to grow our impact in each of these areas over the next three years: 

  • Influencing change through research, policy, communications and campaigns.
  • Work It Out: Supporting young women with confidence and employability.
  • Participation: Supporting young women to have their voices heard. 

All of our work will be informed by the following values: 

  • Use resources effectively to have the greatest impact.
  • Not replicating the activities of others.
  • Develop services which are scalable and sustainable.
  • Have the potential to influence broadly.

Read our three year strategy.