Champion FAQs

What is a Young Women's Trust Champion?

Champions are people just like you - inspiring people who want to tackle gender inequality and make the world a better place to be a young woman. 

What does a Champion do? 

As a Champion, we'll give you everything you need to take action. You'll be invited to attend events, sign petitions, volunteer, write blogs, campaign locally, meet your MP... the list goes on! Plus, you’ll have the chance to take on exciting challenges – from summiting the UK’s 3 peaks or trekking the Great Wall of China, to hosting feminist film nights – all to raise money for the cause.

What does my membership fee do? 

Your membership will help fight gender inequality. We rely on donations from people like you to campaign for, and support, young women. By supporting Young Women's Trust, you’ll help give young women confidence and skills through coaching sessions. And you’ll help them make their voices heard in the press and in Parliament.

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