Media Volunteering

I blog to tell peopleAt Young Women’s Trust we want to challenge negative attitudes towards young women. One way of doing this is to share the stories and experiences of young women with the media but this way relies on your involvement.

We are often contacted by journalists and others working in the media who want to interview young women. Whether you are being interviewed or quoted for a newspaper article, radio or television show, Young Women’s Trust will support you at every step. We will also provide you with the training you need to feel fully prepared.

Young women’s stories and experiences are very powerful and also contribute to the success of our campaigning work.

Young women need to represent themselves in the media as only we know our stories so only we can tell them and that’s why I’m a media volunteer” Young Woman, London, 24

Become a Media Volunteer

If you would like to become a media volunteer you should have current or very recent experience of the following:

  • Few or no formal qualifications
  • NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) aged 16-24
  • Long-term unemployment (aged 25-30)
  • In and out of low-paid employment

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