ONS stats: Young women more likely to report feeling lonely

Wednesday 5 December 2018

YWT logoThe Office for National Statistics today published data on ‘loneliness in children and young people’ that shows that:

  • 68 per cent of women age 16 to 24 say they feel lonely at least some of the time, compared to 51 per cent of men of the same age;
  • 10 per cent of young people say they feel lonely “often or always”, with young women slightly more likely to report this;
  • 57 per cent of young women feel lonely “some of the time or occasionally”, compared to 42 per cent of young men; and
  • just a third of young women rarely or never feel lonely compared to half of young men. 

Young Women’s Trust chief executive Dr Carole Easton OBE said: 

“Shocking numbers of young people, and especially young women, say they feel lonely. Lots of young mums tell us they struggle to even leave the house. Young women are more likely to be on low or no pay and a lack of disposable income can contribute to isolation. 

“Loneliness can damage young women’s confidence and mental health. Young Women’s Trust has found that, combined with a lack of networks, this can make it harder to look for jobs and can lead to young women being shut out of the labour market. 

“As well as investment in community and mental health services, more support is needed for young women who want to work. Tackling loneliness would benefit individuals, businesses and the economy.” 


Notes to editor: 

  1. Young Women’s Trust supports and represents women aged 16-30 in England and Wales trapped by low or no pay and facing a life of poverty. The charity provides services and runs campaigns to make sure that the talents of young women don't go to waste.
  2. The Office for National Statistics released data today (Wednesday 5 December) on loneliness levels among children and young people. They show that:
    1. 9.11 per cent of 16-24 year-old men feel lonely “often or always” compared to 10.38 per cent of women the same age.
    2. 42.12 per cent of 16-24 year-old men feel lonely “occasionally or some of the time” compared to 57.24 per cent of young women the same age;
    3. in total, 67.62 per cent of young women say they feel lonely at least some of the time, compared to 51.23 per cent of men; and
    4. 48.76 per cent of men aged 16-24 say they “hardly ever or never” feel lonely, compared to 32.38 per cent of women of the same age.
  3. The Office for National Statistics published analysis of the characteristics and circumstances associated with loneliness in April 2018.
  4. For more information or to speak to a young woman who is affected, please contact Bex Bailey on 07963018281 or bex.bailey@youngwomenstrust.org.