#PowertotheBump EHRC new campaign for young mums

Tuesday 17 May 2016

#PowertotheBump unites young mothers in fight against pregnancy and maternity discrimination at work

Research shows young mothers are significantly more likely to experience pregnancy and maternity discrimination, with six times as many under 25 year olds than average reporting being dismissed from their jobs after they tell their employer they are pregnant.

Today the Equality and Human Rights Commission is launching #PowertotheBump, a digital campaign to help young expectant and new mothers know their rights at work and have the confidence to stand up for them. 

In support of their new campaign, Dr Carole Easton, Chief Executive of Young Women’s Trust said:

"Sadly it is not surprising that young women are those who face the greatest discrimination. Through our own work with young women who are struggling to live on low or no pay, we know many young mothers are afraid of speaking out about discrimination for fear of losing their job, and in too many cases are never made aware of their employment rights to start with. 

The scale of the issue is however worrying. Although some employers will do better than others, when three quarters of mothers report negative or discriminatory experiences during their pregnancy, maternity or return to work we are no longer talking about isolated instances but an endemic problem that affects the health and long term prospects of women in most workplaces.

Young Women’s Trust hopes that the #powertothebump campaign helps young women understand their rights and give them the confidence to share their experiences and speak out against discrimination. If this is backed by proper sanctions of employers who break the rules then it will bring benefits to employers and women everywhere."