Response to ONS Labour Market Statistics

Tuesday 16 June 2020

Responding to the latest ONS Labour Market Statistics published today, Joe Levenson, Director of Communications and Campaigns of the Young Women’s Trust, said:

“Today’s labour market figures leave young women facing a financial cliff edge as the economic fallout of Covid-19 continues.

“Young women were struggling before this crisis began and they have also been hit hard since the pandemic started in March. They are more likely to be working in shut down sectors like hospitality and retail and have been taking on yet more hours of unpaid work looking after their children and families, locking them out of work.

“As a recession looms, the government must act now to make sure that young women aren’t left behind and face even further financial hardship as a result of the crisis when support tapers off in the autumn. This must include safeguarding jobs, ensuring the benefits system can provide security for young women and increasing support so that those losing their job can find alternative employment.”


1. Young Women’s Trust has a network of young women who have been affected by the coronavirus crisis available for interview 
2. To speak young women in our network please contact the press office 07495 981142.