Sophie Walker responds to IFS Report

Monday 20 April 2020

Responding to the IFS report Trying times: how might the lockdown change time use in families?, Sophie Walker, CEO of Young Women’s Trust said:

“Juggling work and childcare is hard at the best of times, but the last month has complicated that even more, as bedrooms have become offices and kitchen tables have turned into classrooms. Young women know only too well the impact childcare already has on their finances, employability and working hours. While Government applies to them or are choosing to ignore it.

“Government guidance suggests staff can be furloughed to be able to care for children and loved ones during the lockdown, but we’re concerned that some employers don’t understand the guidance - or are choosing to ignore it - and requests to be furloughed are being turned down. We will only know the extent to which women have been hit by the Government’s lockdown guidance when employers publish furlough requests and the number and reasons for rejections.

“While the Government has said furloughing doesn’t affect employment rights, we have real concerns that young women could be on the front line for job losses as we emerge from this crisis. Their productivity will have taken the hit as they care for others while continuing to work and, if they have managed to be furloughed on care leave, employers could see them as the first to go.”


1. Young Women’s Trust has a network of young women experiencing low or no pay available for interview
2. To speak to Sophie Walker or young women in our network please contact the press office | 07495 981142.