CEO of Young Women’s Trust responds to the UK Government's Budget

Wednesday 11 March 2020

Sophie Walker CEO of Young Women’s Trust responds to the UK Government’s Budget:

parliament“The Chancellor kicked off this Budget with an appreciation of Dorothy Hodgson and Jane Austen, but alas showed little appreciation thereafter for the women trying to thrive in the UK today. A budget that makes no mention of childcare or social care is not a budget that is serious about investing in the lives of women, who are regularly pushed into doing this work on low or no pay. 

“A £27billion windfall for tarmac is a kick in the teeth for the millions of women caring for children and adults – who will carry the burden of additional care as the Coronavirus spreads - while juggling perilous part time contracts, low wages and an unfair benefits system.     

“Today’s announcement on measures to protect the workforce - such as longer sick pay, changes to employment support allowance and dropping the requirement to physically present at job centres - shows the government is capable of constructing a compassionate benefits system. So why not apply this to Universal Credit, which pushes particularly women into poverty with the five-week wait for payments it imposes on those already hungry and close to homelessness. 

“Moving 22,000 civil servants around the country in the name of devolution is utterly meaningless if it is not accompanied by a shift in perspective and a desire to improve the experiences of women from all backgrounds and all communities. This has not been the Budget for ‘levelling up’ the Chancellor hoped for but sadly further neglect for the ‘other’ half of the population.” 


Notes to Editors

  1. You can follow Sophie Walker tweeting about the Budget at @SophieRunning
  2. Contact the Young Women’s Trust press office by emailing or call 07495 981142