Our response to new immigration proposals

Wednesday 19 February 2020

Sophie Walker, chief executive of Young Women's Trust, responds to the Government's new immigration plans:

"Once again the ‘unskilled’ work of care is classed as undesirable by those who don’t do it or need it. Until we value and invest in care we can never build a balanced and thriving economy - no matter how many walls and borders we build. 

"These immigration proposals, designed to shut out ‘foreigners’, in fact barricade millions of women into a life of poverty, as government designs another system that gives paid job opportunities to others based on forcing women to pick up unpaid caring, cooking and cleaning work. 

"One million young women across England and Wales live daily on the edge of poverty because they are out of work or trapped in low-paid jobs - left behind by sexist workplaces that don't factor in the support women need to balance access to paid work against the demands of their unpaid work. 

"Investing in social infrastructure is vital not just so young women can flourish - but because without it the Government will never resolve our national productivity problem or end the skills shortage it is so worried about. Economic justice for women is the foundation of a fair society and a thriving economy."


Notes to Editors

  1. Sophie Walker has tweeted her response to the immigration proposals
  2. One in four UK young mums are skipping meals every day to provide for their children
  3. Young Women's Trust is a feminist organisation working to achieve economic justice for young women
  4. Contact the YWT press office on 07495 981142 or email kirsty.ridyard@youngwomenstrust.org