Our CEO responds to Cabinet reshuffle

Thursday 13 February 2020

Responding to the Prime Minister’s Cabinet reshuffle, Sophie Walker, Chief Executive of the Young Women’s Trust said:

“Boris Johnson’s Government was elected on a manifesto to unleash the potential of the whole country, but we’re left wondering if that will ever happen when his own top table remains dominated by men. Young women will only be able to smash career stereotypes when they see themselves reflected in the highest of offices, and this re-organisation falls short of that ambition.

“As we head into Brexit, Boris Johnson and his Government must change old habits if they are to include young women among those to whom they have offered opportunities in their brave new world. Young Women’s Trust research shows one million young women have been left behind, left to cope alone on the fringes of poverty, skipping meals to afford childcare, experiencing soaring rates of mental ill-health and disillusioned by politicians’ promises.

“This new Cabinet must restore women’s trust in politics by trusting in women. It must invest in their lives equally. Fix old injustices like universal credit and assess new policies for their impact on those in need.

“We look forward to seeing women-focussed policy making and stand ready to help the Prime Minister understand what this would look like to unlock the potential of millions of girls and women across the country.”


Notes to Editors

  1. Young Women's Trust is a feminist organisation working to achieve economic justice for young women.
  2. Contact Young Women's Trust press office on 07495 981142 or email kirsty.ridyard@youngwomenstrust.org