YWT's response to the Conservative Party Manifesto

Sunday 24 November 2019

YWT LOGOResponding to the publication of the Conservatives’ manifesto, Young Women’s Trust Chief Executive Sophie Walker, said: 

“Mr Johnson's pledge to spend twice as much on fixing potholes than on fixing the current childcare crisis is disappointing. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to work out that proper investment in childcare benefits us all.  

"A fully functioning infrastructure of care creates jobs, gives young women increased access to paid work, boosts productivity and economic growth, creates higher tax revenues and cuts welfare payments - all of which also provides more money to fix potholes. 

"Young women in the UK need more than short-term thinking and headline-grabbing election pledges. They need transformational change to knock down the barriers to their equality across all of our social, economic and political systems.

"Women are half of the population of the UK and are increasingly impatient to see an end to the economic injustice they have for too long faced. I can't imagine huge numbers of them will welcome a doorstep chat with a Conservative Party representative who tells them that potholes matter more."


Young Women's Trust CEO Sophie Walker is available for interview, contact interim media officer Peter Simpson. Tel: 020 7837 2019  / 07803 051 848.