Decline in High Street putting young women at risk

Wednesday 11 September 2019

Decline in High Street putting young women’s jobs and futures at risk: Comment from Young Women’s Trust

Young Women's Trust Chief Executive Sophie Walker said: 

“The decline in the High Street is a further decline in the opportunities for young women. As retail closures continue to rise, the Government’s lack of action to safeguard jobs, overwhelmingly held by women, contrasts sharply with the efforts to prevent closures of car factories and other male-dominated industries in the wake of the ongoing uncertainty around Brexit.

We see regular investments in male-dominated industry that will do little to solve the economic challenges facing the country, whilst sectors which are the largest employers of women, including retail and care, are time and again neglected.

Young women are already facing huge levels of debt and financial pressure with one in three struggling to make ends meet. With two thirds of jobs in sales and customer service held by women this is a crisis that puts further pressure on thousands of young women and puts their already uncertain future at risk. Urgent action is needed to reverse these trends.”

Notes to editor

1. Young Women’s Trust supports and represents women aged 18-30 trapped by low or no pay and facing a life of poverty. The charity provides services and runs campaigns to make sure that the talents of young women don't go to waste.

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