How I lost myself and found myself again

Thursday 20 December 2018

EllaI came across Work It Out coaching through a lucky internet search. I was simply browsing through google looking for charities and places that help those who are unemployed, and that's when, purely by chance, I stumbled upon Work It Out coaching. 

When I first found Work It Out, I remember feeling taken aback. I thought it was incredible that there was a service out there for women who are just down on their luck, and the fact that it was free, well I was so grateful for that. I suppose the only worry I really had was that my circumstances weren’t severe enough. I remember applying for a Work It Out coach and just worrying whether or not my application would be declined, but it wasn't, because (as I soon found out) Work It Out isn't about how bad a situation is, it's about helping women who need it, regardless of the situation that they're in.

I was recently fired from an incredibly unhealthy work environment, it was my first 'graduate' job and I felt like a complete failure. The workplace completely shot my confidence to pieces, and I really wasn't too sure how to pick myself back up. I was refusing to speak to government funded career specialists because my own pride got in the way, Work It Out was ideal because I could do it from the safety of my own home; which at that time was where I felt best.

My coach was incredible, I truly felt that I could open up to her which is so bizarre considering I never actually met her. But Yasmin was fantastic, she made me feel really special and renewed a lot of faith that I lost in myself. I felt bad because I was always so unenthusiastic with our times to speak or I would spontaneously suggest times, and she was always more than accommodating and understanding, she never rushed me and made sure my growth was progressive. I never got the impression that my coach wanted to waste my time, she just wanted me to be a better version of myself which is all I ever really wanted.

So you receive six free sessions which honestly, while I was sad when they ended, I believe it is a fair amount. It's just enough to get to know your coach, get to know yourself, and discover how you want to improve on what you've got. For me it was working through my negative experiences, getting out the other end and still remembering to smile. It was difficult, but for the best.  

My coach and I went through the basics of interviewing, the questions I can ask that will calm my overactive mind, how to put the power back in my hands, how to present myself the way I want to be received and not losing the person I believe I am in the process; the latter was a big problem for me. In six sessions (so just six hours) I found an interview style that works for me and got myself out of my career slump. It was a hard experience, but one I don't regret. While I can't say all of my problems have gone, I believe the biggest hurdles have been handled and the rest is just time.

Work it Out made me approach career situations with a level confidence and maturity. Before I was either timid or over-the-top, and Work It Out showed me how to come across as a professional but still keep my personality; which was always one of my worries. My coaching showed me that in a healthy workplace they'll encourage growth and risk-taking. Sometimes, especially if you're just entering the adult world, it can be hard to express your desires for fear of offending or coming across in a negative manner, but Work It Out showed me that I am just as important as anyone else is.

Work It Out coaching gave me more than my self-esteem back, it reminded me of my own value as an individual. 

During my time using Work It Out I became re-inspired. I completely changed my attitudes to work. Since Work It Out, I now have a full time job, I pride myself on my adult attitude, and I finally feel like I can take on a career.

If you're uncertain about whether or not to try Work It Out coaching, trust me, just do it. I know it's scary but Work It Out will only make your situation better. Your coach will not push you, if there's something you don't want to work on, then they are respectful, if something happened to you then your coach will be kind. Nothing but good will come from this experience.

By Ella Jackson

Find out more about Work It Out Coaching, our free service for women aged 18-30, by clicking here. 

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