Work It Out coaching helped me get back on my feet again

Friday 7 December 2018

Aleesah  2Before I used Work It Out, I felt horrible about myself. I wasn’t working at all and it was really taking a toll on my mental health.

When I had my first phone call, I was worried in case it was like other counselling/advice sessions I’ve had before (pretty much not caring at all). But you know what? It wasn’t! In fact, it was so much better than I thought. I felt like I could be myself and my coach was so lovely! 

She would book phone calls on dates and times that were best for me, which was perfect since I had a lot of appointments and priorities at the time. I felt that I could trust her with what was going on in my life and the help she gave was absolutely brilliant.

We did different exercises, ones I haven’t ever heard of before, and they surprisingly worked. I even use them now when I need to! The Work It Out coaching service has helped me get back onto my feet again. I’ve started volunteering at a local residential home to keep me busy and I feel so much better about myself. I’ve started to feel positive and actually accept myself.

I’ve learned new things about me that I had never noticed before. It’s made me so much happier. I know for a fact it will help loads of other girls like me. Thank you so much YWT!!


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