I landed my dream job with the help of Work It Out by YWT

Friday 30 November 2018

HannahI found Young Women's Trust when I was job searching and feeling such despair about where I was in my career. I felt so far away from where I thought I should be, and was frustrated and confused about why I wasn't getting further.

I sent my CV and cover letter in and signed up for over-the-phone coaching. Within two weeks I received my CV back, full of comments and suggestions about the content and layout. I re-did my whole CV, structuring it differently, simplifying and putting in all the skills I didn't realise I had and didn't know were important or didn't know how to articulate. 

Over the same time period, I began talking weekly with my coach, Tea, over phone. It was so useful to have someone to talk to that I didn't feel embarrassed to explain my feelings and frustrations to. She helped me to unpack what I was going through, showed me all the ways I was actually doing well, and taught me to articulate what I had learnt and areas where I had grown. 

The conversations quickly became my weekly support that kept me going and kept me job hunting. I immediately felt more confident in my current job and was approaching every new work day with a different mind set. I started applying to jobs I'd not considered before, or not believed I would ever get. A month later I had job interview invitations coming into my inbox from three different applications!

Ahead of the interviews, I talked to Tea about how to describe myself in the interview and pin pointed what I thought I was really good at. I also felt more empowered to describe what I wanted from a job and it made me so much more positive to talk to in the interview. She helped me think through what I needed to know from the employers and what to ask them in the interview.

Seven weeks after discovering Young Women's Trust, I landed my dream job :)

Thank you thank you thank you, YWT!


Find out more about Work It Out, our free coaching and job application feedback service for women aged 18-30, by clicking here.