5 reasons why you should use Work It Out - Jenna

Wednesday 31 October 2018

1. Get revengeJenna

Women have historically been mistreated in the workplace and we still are not paid the same as our male counterparts. It’s time to get mad and get even, fighting for the equality that we’ve always deserved. This includes seizing any opportunity for help, including signing up for the Work it Out coaching service.

2.    Don’t be shy

Let’s be honest - phoning up a stranger and talking about yourself for an hour seems completely alien to our repressed British sentimentality. That’s certainly what I thought when I called Work it Out for the first time - but I also seriously underestimated the value of being able to talk through your worries and issues with someone who cares and can help. It’s totally okay to recognise that you need help and ask for it - it’s not selfish or arrogant. Grow some lady balls and go for it!

3.    Focus on you and your career

The world is such a busy, loud environment with people shouting over each other to be heard, and sometimes the most valuable thing you can do is take time out to focus on yourself. The Work it Out coaches offer valuable, impartial advice that can really help you achieve the career you want.

4.    Honesty is the best policy

Sadly, we can feel pressure to maintain a veneer of professionalism at work, rarely letting our real feelings shine through - worries, doubts and all. It’s refreshing to be able to speak to your Work it Out coach with complete, unabashed honesty - and this can be really helpful in working through problems and coming up with solutions.

5.    It’s free!

What have you got to lose?

Find out more about Work It Out Coaching, our free service for women aged 18-30, by clicking here.