5 reasons why you should use Work It Out - Daisy

Wednesday 29 August 2018

daisy1) A problem shared is a problem halved

As the saying goes, when you discuss your problems with someone, suddenly they seem less of a burden. I can certainly vouch for how beneficial it was to have my coach on the phone to listen when I was facing problems in the workplace. The fact that she did not know me and had no motive (emotional tie/bond, was a relative or close friend) meant I knew her advice and discussion on the topic was honest, unbiased and ultimately helped me to make the best decision!

2)      Discussion topic: YOU!

It felt really good to have a chat about my future, my goals and where I was at the moment with my career. Often you forget to check in on this topic like this, with yourself or with others, so it was refreshing to spend time over the phone chatting about me, my drives, my attributes and flaws and how they worked or did not work in the workplace.

3)      Unique and organic

Not only is the discussion focused on you but it also is completely determined and lead by you. Your coach will ask you what it is that you want to focus on – they have no hidden agenda or syllabus/talking points that they must tick off so the service is designed to meet your needs. I loved that my coach went with the flow for me, we didn’t really structure in themes or topics per session. We just started up a conversation and from that a natural focus or topic was established.

4)      The flexibility - It’s on your terms

There is no set timeline to follow or no amount of time in which your sessions have to take place. If you decide you need 3 months off from the service, you can take it! I spread my sessions out over just under a year – this suited me as I used the sessions when I felt I needed them most (job interviews, handing in resignation, adjusting to a new working environment). There’s no need to rush and I never felt under pressure!

5)      A better understanding of yourself

I think one of the biggest benefits I took away from the coaching was my understanding of who I am as a young woman in the workplace. When I began the coaching service I was a little lost- I was lacking in workplace confidence, I had lost the drive and ambition that had fuelled me when I first left university. Throughout the coaching sessions, my coach got me to explore what I knew about myself and gave me the opportunity to realise who I was in the workplace and who I wanted to be.

Work It Out helped me to regain some much needed confidence and self-belief in the workplace and more generally in the world of work. I was feeling incredibly lost and unsure of my next steps but through Work It Out coaching I was able to make some really big decisions and choices (applying for graduate level roles, finding a permanent graduate job, left said permanent graduate job for another more suitable role). The service was amazing. It was so flexible, relaxed and I genuinely felt that I had someone at the end of the phone who wanted what was best for me and really wanted to see me reach my potential.


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