Don't suffer in silence. Reach out.

Wednesday 18 July 2018

Jade"I know parents say don’t talk to strangers but this is the one occasion where you shouldn’t listen to your parents!

Firstly I want to start by saying that having coaching sessions with my coach Denise was the best thing I ever did. I'm not gonna say I was searching for a site or a service like 'Young Women's Trust', because I wasn’t. However I am so grateful I did find them. 

I feel like we all go through that stage in life where you just have a little mid life crisis at the age of 19. Yes I said 19, but trust me it happens. I had just finished my A levels and if I’m being honest I had no clue what my next chapter would be... After spending the majority of my time in solitude my mental health had deteriorated and I had lost all sense of direction and had become incredibly unmotivated. It was not the best place physically or mentally.  

However, after months of searching and applying to endless colleges, courses and services I got a call from a number I did not recognise. I would be lying if I said I knew what the call was about when Denise first called me. I was very honest with her and explained how my desperation led me to apply for everything and anything and I had not had much luck so I was thrilled that she called me. Our first phone call session was in early February which was roughly an hour long - I didn’t realise I had so much to get off my chest but I did. 

I remember our phone calls so well and I was always rather excited to speak to my mentor. I would have never imagined finding comfort speaking to a complete stranger. Can you believe it I enjoyed and shared so much about myself to someone I had never even met before. But she was like a familiar stranger who was friendly and so helpful. It was such a relief talking to someone about my problems who didn’t know me personally. Who didn't know the ins and outs of my story so she was able to give me an honest and unbiased insight which I really appreciated. I felt so comfortable and at ease during our entire phone calls especially at my lowest moments. I literally had a consoler for free which people usually pay hundreds for, how amazing is that?   

Having a coach gave me that boost that I needed but had lost along the way.  I ended up realising things about myself that I had forgotten. She made me see all the good in me and also realise my excellent character traits that I forgot existed. 

Within the next month after our 2nd or 3rd phone call I had already been so proactive and productive with my search for what to do next with my life. I still had no clue what I was searching for or what I was going to get myself into, but I knew it was worth looking. 

I then came to the realisation that if I wanted to find some sense of purpose in my life I had to stop hiding in the comfort of my bedroom and actually get out in the real world.  Because finding a job or an opportunity was not going to find itself. 

Once I accomplished the simple task of leaving my house after months of being locked up I was amazed at how important it was to put yourself out there and how simple it was finding something to occupy my time.

At the beginning of March I managed to get myself an interview for an apprenticeship. It all happened far too quickly for me to even know where to begin. All I know is one minute I was depressed and miserable at home and the next instant I was out going to all these places trying to secure my future. Finally all the pieces were coming together. I was attracting all these opportunities that I didn’t even know were possible. Once I finally got out my house it was like the sky was pouring with opportunities for me to grab on to.

I have now been at my work place for over 3 months, I’ve settled in quite well to work life and I'm surprised at my new burst of confidence. It feels good to have some stability in my life that I was previously missing.  

I am also now an ambassador for Young Women's Trust’s Work It Out service and I love the fact that I can help spread the news and get more young women on board. I can’t wait to continue spreading so much more positive information about this service. It’s the best thing I stumbled upon by accident. 

I just want all women to know that if they too are suffering in silence like I once was, reach out. I know initially it is hard but once you overcome the first hurdle you'll be so grateful that you did.  It might not change your world or fix all your problems but it will definitely give you a shoulder to cry on. Your coach will be that pillow that not only listens but also gives you the best advice. 

My experience with this service was amazing. I’ve grown so much as a person and I owe some of my self-growth to the support of my coach.  Like I previously mentioned I wasn’t searching for a service like this but it couldn't have arrived at a better time in my life, it picked me up and gave me that push I so desperately needed and for that I am incredibly grateful. 

Once again I want to give a BIG thank you to Denise for all your love and support I can not say thank you enough.  

Jade Ortega

Find out more about Work It Out Coaching, our free service for women aged 18-30, by clicking here.