Work It Out helped me to grow

Thursday 12 July 2018

Amie WIOAIt’s not an over exaggeration when I say that the Work It Out coaching with the Young Women’s Trust truly changed my life. It’s such a simple process, but it’s made a huge difference.

My journey with them started out exactly where I am now, on the bus, on the way to work, except on that day I was not feeling great about it. I was flicking through Facebook and came across this advert about free careers based coaching and a CV checking service. I think I initially went one post past it, due to my anxiety about not actually having any idea what kind of career I want, but something made me go back. I clicked on the link, and did a little digging and found out that it doesn’t actually matter. You can start from a completely blank canvas. So I filled out the form and waited. I can’t really remember what happened next but I remember my first phone call with my coach, Nicky.

I left that first call feeling like I had less of a clue about everything. She asked me lots of different questions about things that were important to me, and if I achieved those things what would life feel or look like. I spent a lot of the call going “umm.....I don’t know”. At the end she asked me if I wanted another session and of course I said yes, because I wanted to give myself the best possible chance to feel like I had more of an idea of what to do next. Nicky had given me a couple of things to do, mainly watching a YouTube video she thought would help me and creating a Pinterest board. By the next session I was so eager to tell her what I had been up to and the coaching really grew from there. We spent the next four sessions building on that, discussing lots of things about values, and the amount I’ve learned about myself is unreal.

The great thing about these sessions is they all took place at a time convenient for me. I was able to organise with Nicky when I could do them, and the most surprising thing for me was I could even do this after working hours. I found it so reassuring. Each session was an hour, and I found that was perfect, as it gave us long enough to discuss what had happened since we last spoke, and anything new that I wanted to go over.

These sessions are so empowering. I was able to find the answers to everything myself, I was asked the right questions in order to do that. My confidence has grown, not only in my abilities, but also in myself. My anxiety has totally dropped and I’m pushing myself to do more and more things. Part of my coaching was learning about values, and a question I was asked was something that would make me angry if I had to live without it. I answered something about how homophobia, and sexism, and racism is something that makes me angry, and from that I learned that one of my values is equality and social justice. From this I decided to organise the first meeting of my Local LGBT group, and off of the back of that I’m now an admin, I’ve helped the group to grow and we are about to have a 5th meeting. The rewards I get from that, just from being a part of a community that is so important to me is incredible. Weirdly, My posture is even better, because I no longer feel flat and deflated. I’ve got more energy and I smile more.

I remember one session I told Nicky that it was all down to her, and she told me that actually, it was all down to me. The Work it Out coaching service reminded me of all these things about myself. It helped me to grow as a woman and it gave me clarity about my future.

By Amie

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