How being an Advisory Panel member helped me to get a job that I love

Thursday 31 May 2018

Elli callardIn June last year, I was applying for jobs in my local area. I wasn't looking for anything specific but I just wanted to find a job. I found job vacancies in local laundries and in my local pharmacy. I had seen the pharmacy job vacancy before but I thought that I couldn't apply because I didn't have the qualifications to even get the job. I looked through the description and learned that I didn't need an extensive list of qualifications and I could gain a NVQ2 qualification, learning on the job.

I had already talked to a laundry company about potentially taking me on and then I got an email from the pharmacy asking for me to come for an interview with the Branch Manager. Immediately I thought that I wasn't going to get the job and that was before the interview. I previously hadn't had much customer service experience so I was doubting my ability.

I went for the interview, which I thought went terribly. I was so incredibly nervous and unsure if I wanted to actually go to the interview in the first place but the Branch Manager was really helpful in giving me all of the information I would need if I got the job and was really understanding of my lack of knowledge in Pharmacy. I left the interview feeling really down and pretty much knew that I wasn't going to get the job.

Four days later, I was travelling back from a trip away when I was offered the job from the Branch Manager and asked when I would like to start. I never thought I would've been offered the job and to get that phone call, albeit on the noisiest coach ever, was overwhelming, but despite my initial doubts, I was so proud of myself for going for something completely out of my comfort zone.

Without Young Women's Trust (YWT) and my friends that I made from the Advisory Panel (a group of young women who support the charity with its campaigning and influencing and give their views on YWT’s services), I don't think I would've applied for the job that I love. Being on the Advisory Panel helped me to believe in myself more and feel more confident and being part of a group of young women who uplift and encourage each other is so important.

Flash forward to now, eleven months after my initial interview, I have completed my NVQ2 qualification and trained as a Pharmacy Assistant. I never knew that I would be in a job that I love and get paid for it. My customer service is pretty good and I've got great ratings from 'mystery customers'. Also, the people that I work with are fantastic and give me support whenever I need it.

It really has been the greatest eleven months I could've asked for and I'm really glad I pushed myself to try something completely different from the laundry jobs that I used to have. I'm still learning a lot about my job and about myself. It's great to have a job where my hard work is appreciated and noted.