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Wednesday 18 April 2018

OliviaIn late 2017, I was looking for jobs since I’d left college and had to have something to do to fill my time.

In December of 2017, I got a couple of interviews scheduled and spent a bit of time seriously worrying about what I could say and how they’d instantly reject me for my lack of experience. When the interview days came up, I physically could not get ready and had multiple panic attacks which meant I couldn’t go to them.

My mum looked into some ways to help me and found the YWT charity which offers a thorough CV advice service and coaching sessions for women aged 16-30, (I’ll link the website below). Since it was free, I figured it couldn’t hurt to try but didn’t expect much since I didn’t know how I could be helped by a complete stranger.

First of all, I sent off my CV and got some really helpful advice back as well as an offer to check any cover letters I might be sending off. Not only did they point out the ways I could improve wording, layout, contents etc., they also reassured me about parts that were already well done. This service was amazing because it made me feel happier about sending off my CV without worrying about seeming completely clueless.

I also signed up for the coaching sessions which were basically conversations with a coach who would talk to you about reasons for stress, ways you think you could improve and things they think could help you to think more positively and feel better about whatever you’re worried about. My coach, Denise, was really friendly from the first time she messaged til the last and she really helped me to feel comfortable and at ease talking to her. Usually these sessions are done through phone calls but they also offer email, text, and WhatsApp. They work with whatever is best for you so you get the best experience and help. I wasn’t sure if texting would work as well as over the phone but, for me, it was definitely much better because there was no anxiety for me and it gave me more time to think about thorough answers to give to her.

YWT is genuinely the reason I have my amazing job at the moment because Denise helped me to realise problems and ways that I could solve them. She’d prompt me to think about why I struggled with things and would combine advice on working through the problems as well as reassuring me that the problems were normal, fixable and sometimes not problems at all, but not in a dismissive way. She really made me feel incredibly confident about going into interviews and feeling prepared.

In addition to that though, she helped me in my day to day life. For example, she helped me feel happier talking to people in public, like shop assistants, waiters, etc. I also now feel happier driving and joining a vet college course and considering sewing classes.

I never expected such help from a free service and I’m so surprised that it’s not better known. If I’d known that this charity service was available to me in college, I’d have felt much happier about leaving college with a more solid plan and motivation and confidence. Late is better than never though!

The main proof that this charity honestly helps is the fact that I was a completely different person when the interview came. I walked in with a smile on my face and real hope about getting the job. This was a huge contrast to a month or two before where I couldn’t even leave the house or get dressed. Not just that, but I am now a Games Host at Clue HQ in Warrington which involves a lot of interaction with guests. Again, a month ago, this would have been my absolute nightmare but now I love it.

My job is the most amazing job I could have hoped to get and I am eternally grateful to the Young Women’s Trust for all the support and help they gave me. If you’re a woman aged 16-30 and you need any employment help, absolutely go and check out their page.

By Olivia

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