Finding my voice through Work It Out

Wednesday 14 March 2018

EsiI signed up to the Work It Out coaching service because I was having a really hard time as an intern. I found myself in difficult situations with my boss and this had a really negative impact on my already fragile mental health. My Work It Out coach helped me think about ways I could cope and what the best option would be for me moving forward. In the end I chose to leave the internship due to the impact it was having on my health and within weeks things improved. 

Work It Out helped me find my voice and empowered me to do what was best for me! Throughout this whole process my coach was by my side offering encouragement and positive feedback. It’s these small acts of kindness that really helped my confidence and gave me the courage to do something different.  

I can proudly say that I successfully got a full scholarship to study Managing Innovation in Creative Organisations. I have since received a distinction and been given the Dean for Excellence Award too. Now, I am applying for graduate schemes related to my field of study whilst working as a Teaching Assistant at a primary school, helping children with special educational needs in the meantime.

Thanks to Work It Out, I know now who I am professionally and where my future career lies. I am living proof that Work It Out makes a huge difference to young women’s lives!

By Esi-June

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