Make 2014 a better year for young women

Thursday 9 January 2014

Happy New Year- We want 2014 to be a better year for young women, particularly for the 1 million young women at risk of living their whole lives in poverty. We hope you can join us in making this a reality. Too often these young women are overlooked, ignored and stereotyped. Our ambition is to make sure this changes. 

 This year we want to:  

  • Demonstrate the reality of young women’s lives.  In all our work as a charity, we want to show what young women’s lives in England and Wales are really like and challenge some of the myths.  We will work with young women to make this happen and ensure their views and voices are heard.
  • Develop and test new ways of supporting young women. This includes piloting an online support service during the year and evaluating the effectiveness of our work to ensure it meets the needs of young women.
  • Find and promote good practice and good policy. Through our work we will inevitably identify and highlight problems and challenges that blight the lives of young women and prevent them from achieving their potential.  But we are also a charity that is focussed on the solutions which we know exist. We will be seeking out examples of this and using it to show what works to make a real difference in the lives of young women.

Our first piece of work is to establish our public Inquiry which will focus on young women who are NEET (‘not in education, employment or training), looking at the causes, the consequences and the solutions to this persistent problem which blights the lives of so many young women.

If you want to help us achieve these aims- and help us put together an accurate, up to date picture of young women’s lives today- then get in touch