5 Reasons Why You Should Use Work It Out - Emily

Monday 16 October 2017

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Work It Out


Emily used Work It Out and now wants to help spread the word so that other young women can benefit from the free service like this did. Here she lists five reasons why you should give Work It Out Coaching a try!

1) The first steps the hardest, and they’re here to help

Whether you’re just entering the work force or are looking for a change in direction, we all want the best job for ourselves. The problem however is often that we don’t know what that best job is. Work It Out will help you by discussing your strengths, talents and previous experiences in order to guide you to what sort of job you’re looking for.

2) It’s not about their opinion, it’s about yours

We would all like some mystical sage to come to us with all the answers, but the truth is we’re always going to be the person who knows us best. So whilst it would be nice to be told exactly what to do, Work It Out will instead help you work out what is best for you.

3) They take you through the whole process

The extent of the Work It Out process means they’ll help you through the whole process; from deciding on the job, to applying, interview techniques, as well as managing issues at work or that is affecting your work. Work It Out understands that applying for the job is only the first step and that there are many other things young women could use assistance with, and are there to help.

4) They work on your schedule

Rather than making you conform to their set schedule, Work It Out understands that you have commitments and will work around yours. Rather than excluding those who can’t manage during traditional working hours, they will offer evenings and even weekends to make sure you can benefit from their help.

5) They know life is more than just a career

Whilst work is a massive part of modern living for most people, and it can be a big source of issues and stress, Work It Out also recognise it’s not the be all and end all. What they offer is Life and Career coaching. That means you can talk to them about mental health, relationships, money and motivation, and how they are affecting both your career and your wider life. 


Find out more about Work It Out Coaching, our free service for women aged 16-30, by clicking here.