5 Reasons Why You Should Use Work It Out - Samantha

Thursday 28 September 2017

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Samantha Mirosch

Samantha used Work It Out and now wants to help spread the word so that other young women can benefit from the free service like she did. Here she lists five reasons why you should give Work It Out Coaching a try! 

1. They help women all the way up to the age of 30

When I needed help and would google constantly trying to find someone who would help me, all the places I could find were for school leavers up to the age of 20, there was no help for people lost in their 20s, apart from Young Women's Trust's Work It Out.

2. Their coaches actually listen and care

The coaches listen to your specific issues and challenges and help you to see a way out of that situation and look forward to the future and to feel more confident about yourself.

3. Work It Out coaches are like free life coaches

A similar thing to a Work It Out coach in some ways you could say is a life coach, while you can only have around 6 sessions, they are still there for you to talk to when you might feel like you can't talk to anyone else and it's all confidential.

4. They help your CV and cover letter be the best it can be

By giving you a free feedback service they will help you with writing your CV, cover letters and job applications so you can feel more confident.

5. Its Free!

The people who run Work It Out are 100% there to help you and 100% care and listen to you, usually you have to pay for someone to sit and listen to your problems!


Find out more about Work It Out Coaching, our free service for women aged 16-30, by clicking here.