Why Work It Out worked for me

Wednesday 16 August 2017

DeqaI am passionate about Young Women’s Trust (YWT) and the Work It Out Coaching Service because I found the professional coaching sessions really helpful. 

When I decided to start having coaching sessions, I felt stressed and a bit lost. I was five months pregnant and I was a stay at home mum to my daughter who was one year old at the time.

I felt the need to find a job for multiple reasons. Not only did we need extra money but I also needed to feel stimulated in a different way to parenting. Moreover, I felt that I had a lot to offer in the areas I’m passionate about.  

At the same time, we could not afford childcare, but I also wanted to be the person who my daughter spent her time with as I love being a full-time mum. 

Such conflicting thoughts and feelings left me restless, emotional and frustrated. As a result, I spent many hours on google trying to make sense of it all by trying to find a job that I could do from home. Unfortunately, I wasn’t finding anything that was satisfying my needs, which increased my anxieties until I started having Work It Out coaching sessions with Carole. 

The five coaching sessions I had with Carole helped me to understand what I truly needed to do at the time.  

I was able to chat to Carole whenever it was convenient for me, which was often my husband's day off (so he could look after our daughter) or during her nap time, when he was not home. This arrangement worked great.  

I felt connected with Carole and I was able to talk freely to her because she understood my conflicting ideas, thoughts and emotions. 

Hearing myself speak meant that I was able to understand where I was coming from.  

I internalised that stressing out about something that is not possible at that moment was unhealthy, but that it's OK to allow myself to have those feelings as there were valid reasons behind them.  

I realised that this is a journey.  

I needed to enjoy the here and now because I know that I will eventually reach my goals. I just had to 'let go and let god' as the saying goes and that was what the coaching sessions enabled me to do.  

Such a shift in mind-set was exactly what I needed, at just the right time.  

Five months after my last coaching session, I am a Work It Out Ambassador (yay me!) and I’ve also found a way that I can pursue a passion I've always had in the near future. 

Although not a huge amount has changed career wise, I feel more confident, relaxed and positive than I have in a long while. 

If you feel like you could benefit from coaching sessions with Work It Out, sign up here: www.youngwomenstrust.org/workitout/sign-up