Young, Female & Forgotten: Sara's Story

Thursday 20 July 2017

During our research project into Economic Inactivity we have been talking to young women across the country about the reality of their day to day lives. 

Here, Sara shares her experiences: 

SaraThe main barriers that stop me working are a lack of confidence and I find it hard to communicate at times due to my Autism, and I have never been able to get past a job interview! I need to be given a fair chance as I don’t always process things as quickly as other people.

It makes me feel low, like I'm not good enough. 

I wish people knew that I have been through a lot but I am still going and I want to make it somewhere. Even though I didn’t have an easy start in life I have come so far. So I wish that employers had more empathy and gave people like me a chance to show our full potential. 

In my future I would like to maybe work in the NHS or some type of job that would allow me to help people and do the subjects I love such as Science or Psychology. To be able to do that I need to "believe in myself” as they say, and be pushed out of my comfort zone to just do it! 

It is important to listen to women like me is because we should be given a chance and given credit. We have a lot of potential - you never know we might just change the world!