Young, Female & Forgotten: Bethany's Story

Wednesday 19 July 2017


During our research project into Economic Inactivity we have been talking to young women across the country about the reality of their day to day lives. 

Here, Bethany shares her experiences: 

BethanyThe main thing that stops me from working is definitely lack of confidence. My situation makes me feel quite upset that I don't have the confidence to work as I love doing things and would prefer not to be at home! It gets me very depressed as I have nothing to do as I don't have the courage to go out and do anything.

Life hasn't been easy for me from a young age. Growing up in care and then being kicked out wasn't easy at all. As simple as my life looks now it hasn't always been like this and it's still an ongoing battle. I just put a brave face on and carry on like nothing is bothering me but deep down it is.

In the future I would like to do something office based or something active like working in student accommodation. I think I would really benefit from this as it would be working with people around my age range so I would feel comfortable and confident to talk to them.

To make this a reality I would need to find a job and feel able to actually stick with it, not letting little things stop me from reaching the life goals I have.

It's important that young women are listened to because I don't think our voices are heard enough. I think we just get pushed aside and left and we need to be heard as much as everyone else!