Young, Female & Forgotten: Chloe's Story

Tuesday 18 July 2017


During our research project into Economic Inactivity we have been talking to young women across the country about the reality of their day to day lives. 

Here, Chloe shares her experiences: 

ChloeMy main barrier of not getting a job or studying is that I have to help my Mum who is ill and also as a young woman I feel I am treated unequally within the job market.

I feel like a lot of young women aren't fully appreciated for their talent or their brains which is silly because brains are better than money or beauty. 

My situation makes me feel useless because I have so much to give but very little opportunity to do so. 

In the future I would like to work within the acting or singing industry or work on a cruise ship as I have always had admiration for how hard they work.

To be able to achieve my goals I need support with my CV and practice for interviews. I would also like some support and guidance about the right path to take for my career and to be able to meet people from those industries who could help me and give me advice.

It's important that young women like myself are listened to because people could learn a lot from us yet we are often pushed to the side because someone seen as more important than us has something to say.